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IHSDTA Homestead Invitational
Photographer: Tony Tokarz for Bateman

February 25th, 2012


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Wooside pom
Bishop Dwenger Flueckiger
Bishop Dwenger hh
Elkhart Memorial HH
Elkhart Memorial jazz
Homestead duet Conrad Whitacre
Homestead ensemble
Homestead jazz
Homestead jv jazz
Homestead jv pom
Homestead Large ens Morgan
Homestead lrg ens French
Homestead lyrical
Homestead Seniors Last Dance- sob!
Homestead small ensemble
Homestead var pom
Lebanon pom
Marian jazz
Marian jv pom
Marian Morris
Marian var pom
Northopr Lyrical
Northrop hh
Northrop jazz
Northrop solo Miller
Northrop Solo Robins
Northrop Solo Rottinger
NorthropDuet Miller Lyon
Penn Large ensemble
Penn pom
Prairie Heights Ensemlbe Barbie
Prairie Heights Helmuth
Prairie Heights HH
Prairie Heights jazz
Riley Duet Brooks Rininger
Riley jazz
Riley pom
Riley Sr Solo Brooks
Snider Schenher
Summit ensemble
Summit jazz
Summit pom
The Soul Brothers!
Woodside emsemble Stephens
Woodside ens Dickey
Woodside jazz