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Sports Photographers Association of America (SPAA) Dedicated to professionals focused on capturing the timeless moments of sports participation across generations, the Sports Photographers Association of America (SPAA) partners with photographers to enhance their business and creative skills.

SPAA is committed to educating photographers on opportunities while providing professional standards, further driving their success and credibility.

SPAA builds on the legacy established by PMA® – the Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations – to provide its members with programs and services to help them grow in their entrepreneurial efforts. Together, SPAA and PMA join together to provide photographers a full range of ongoing education and lead members to discover, understand, and act on business opportunities.

Through member participation, the guidance of its leadership, and the dedication of its staff, SPAA is committed to its members through the continual focus on photographic techniques, business management skills and ongoing professional development. This purpose directs the development of SPAA’s educational programs, business services, industry research, networks, and events. As a not-for-profit organization, any success enjoyed by SPAA directly benefits the photo imaging industry, allowing SPAA to provide continual services and activities for its members.

For more information, contact SPAA at (800) 762-9287 or (517) 788-8100.