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PMA As a professional trade association, PMA helps the worldwide photo imaging community achieve business success and adapt to new technologies. PMA continues its 85-year legacy of connecting photo imaging businesses to a network of knowledge and support.

PMA represents members in 100-plus countries who actively contribute to the expanding imaging industry. As photo imaging continues to evolve, this association has grown to represent the diversity in imaging: photo retailers and processors, manufacturers, commercial imaging labs, sports and event photography, custom picture frame shops, and scrapbook retailers. PMA is committed to helping these segments increase their profitability and expand their consumer, commercial and industrial markets.

Through the dedication of its membership, the guidance of its board of directors, and willingness of its staff, PMA gives the industry the ability to see, understand, and act on new opportunities. This purpose directs the development of PMA educational programs, business services, marketing research, industry publications, and trade shows. As a nonprofit organization, any success enjoyed by PMA in its endeavors directly benefits the photo imaging industry and allows PMA to provide continual services and activities for members.

Much has changed in the photo imaging industry since PMA first began in 1924. At its inception, what is now PMA was called Photo Finishers Association of America – a group of 273 members started in Iowa by competitors Paul Burgess and T.R. Philips. The purpose of the group, then and today, was to promote the growth of the industry.

In the 1940s, the association took on a new name, the Master Photo Dealers and Finishers’ Association, as the group expanded to include photographic dealers.

The association adopted a new identity in 1974, Photo Marketing Association International, to reflect the importance of marketing photofinishing and retailing services.

In 2006, Photo Marketing Association International became PMA – The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations to reflect the diversity of its membership, which now includes a range of memory-making entrepreneurs: school photographers, commercial imaging labs, custom frame shops, scrapbook retailers, and sports and event photographers.

PMA Mission Statement
Disseminate timely information, products, services, and provide forums that contribute to increased profitability, business growth and a sense of community for the imaging and related industries globally.

PMA World Headquarters
3000 Picture Place Jackson, MI 49201 USA
Tel: 517-788-8100
Fax: 517-788-8371