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As this year begins, just like your New Year’s resolutions, planning and implementing strong basic principles in your business on a consistent basis is of the upmost importance. As a member, you have all of the tools right at your fingertips, plus so much more.  This last year was inspiring as we saw more and more Photographers grasping onto basic online marketing practices and profiting from them.   One thing for certain, PhotoEventPlus takes great pride in our ability to consistently communicate with our client’s one on one and understand their specific needs within their local markets.  Ongoing internal development of our system allows our company to quickly respond to the ever changing needs of the consumer while adapting to our pro-members requirements as part of their workflows. 


Best Practices

Sure, we understand that depending upon your type of business online sales may seem to be only a small percentage of your business in comparison, but can provide you with an additional 15 to 20% additional revenue.  This is a good time to calculate your annual sales last year by 15% and decide if selling online makes sense for you? But for most Photographers we speak with, they tell us of the growing demand for online and the convenience it offers, more importantly the sales and marketing opportunity you have.  These past years have proven that by implementing a strong marketing program such as quarterly e-mailings and seasonal promotions can produce a ton of profits.  It all starts with following some basic rules and seeing it through.


Collecting the e-mail address

Your ability to communicate with consumers interested in your photos is paramount.  The primary form of communication that you’d like is electronic.  In order to accomplish this you must obtain their e-mail address.  As a rule for your business, you want to obtain as many e-mail addresses as possible and makes it simple.  Simply TURN ON the setting for Mandatory e-Mail Login, in your website settings and you are one step closer to your goal.  PSP provides real time access to your client’s information and prospect names.  As you accumulate names, you can export your list of contacts, in a .CSV (spreadsheet) file.  This is a marketing dream as you can segment your list and micro market on an event by event basis. 


Obtaining e-mail addresses on site is even more important.   You need to think about collecting as many email addresses from your potential clients as possible. You would be amazed at how great direct email marketing can be for your bottom line.


Enroll with a Professional e-mail Company

An essential part of your everyday marketing should include consistent communication with your past and existing clients.  Sending regular e-mails to your contacts is imperative and not only does it act as a marketing vehicle, but educates your consumers on how you provide a more convenient service for them.  In future communications, they will be more receptive and comfortable purchasing online.  PSP is partnered with iContact and can assist in your direct marketing campaigns.  Get started for as low as $9.95 per month. Email marketing  is clearly one the most cost effective marketing methods and makes a huge difference to your bottom line.  You can visit for pricing and signup.


Sending seasonal e-mails with promotions boosts sales and allows you to create a sense of urgency through your marketing.  We saw clients increase their commission by 400% this past December as compared to 2009.


Marketing Incentives

This past year we saw the Wall Street Journal print coupons on their pages, the dawn of a new era.  Where the word coupon was an awkward word in the past, consumers today are not only happy to find them, even more ambitious to use them. has a wide variety of options in our Coupon program.  You can provide individual coupon codes on coupons, multi-use single codes, codes with minimum purchase and set expiry dates.  You can even combine promotional codes in your e-mails to make them more powerful.



Creating packages and featuring them in your storefront is a simple best practice and aids in driving up the average sale amount per order.


Individual Product Volume Discounts / Image Downloads

Creating marketing rules in your price groups is another best practice for driving up the average sale amount.  Your system allows you to create rules such as Buy 5 or more Prints and receive 25% OFF.  Do this with higher demand products and you will see your bottom line increase. 


All of these tools are available in your System.  Put them into practice and you will make more money this coming year. Focus on your brand, use designed Coupons with your logo, handouts with your brand, e-mail designs but make your brand known. 


    Consider the following:    

Consider customizing your Storefront (Gold accounts allow adding pages) – Acts as a full website (No additional Hosting)

Search Engine Optimization – If you’re going to be online, you want to be found

Domain Mapping – Keep your domain name in your PSP Storefront


Finally, talking the time to learn about your system is really important and we make that easy for you.  We encourage you to call our Pro-Services Division or your Account Executive and we would be glad to provide you with one-on-one service.

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